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Some states have their own set of regulatory and compliance issues related to imaging and other services. A prominent example is Maryland, which, overriding Stark exceptions, currently prohibits non-radiologists from self-referring into CT/MRI imaging centers they own. (This Maryland law is being challenged on multiple fronts.)

Certificates of Need (CON) requirements are more common barriers to ownership of imaging equipment in certain states. CON requirements are often put in place by state department of health planning commissions to ensure the appropriate distribution of key health-related facilities and equipment.

Many states have no CON requirement in place. Of those states that do, some cover only larger facility-type construction, and others include a high trigger threshold cost, which easily allow for the creation of a CTC imaging center.

A small number of states have a CON requirement that clearly impacts the creation of a CTC imaging center.  Based on our research the following states fall into that category: 

CT, DC, MA, ME, MI, NC, NH, and VA.

Click here for a high-level assessment of the impact of state CONs and other regulations on the creation of a Colon Health Center.

CHC America has experienced resources available to assist GI groups in those states with unavoidable CON barriers to CTC imaging. Please contact us for more information.