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Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy™: the next generation of Colon Screening. Call 1-866-97-COLON


Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy™

The Next Generation of Colon Cancer Screening has arrived in the Delaware Valley. Available only at Colon Health Center of Delaware—a service of Mid-Atlantic GI Consultants.

Integrated Virtual Colonoscopy brings together cutting-edge Virtual Technology and the opportunity for same-day Colonoscopy to remove any polyps that are found.

Our expert gastroenterologists and radiologists team-up to provide Virtual Colonoscopy, a non-invasive and sedation-free option for Colon Screening—as accurate as traditional colonoscopy! Get screened and drive yourself home or to work. Or, if polyps are found, have them removed immediately by one of our Board-certified GI endoscopists. No need for a second prep!

Don't Take a Risk with Your Life...
     Get Screened--The Integrated Way

State Laws
Mandate VC Coverage

New Jersey
23 other States

President Obama
Receives VC Screening


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